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 Decentralized payment gateway
The user would have full control over his funds

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CoinFast presents ICO Payment Tool to boost your ICO profits

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About Us

Innovative Company

CoinFast is an innovative tech company, aiming to provide secure and convenient software solutions for ICOs.Our main mastership is ICO solutions.

The team behind our product consists of leading, talented software developers with experience the best technologies stack. Together with our dedicated, professional marketeers, account managers, and support teams we strive to deliver the best possible experience support and security.


Best Payments solution for ICO projects.

CoinFast want to create the easiest way for people to
participate ICO securely.We always work hard to be
the best solution available on market

ICO payment gateway is is a decentralized payment
solution that helps ICOs accept payments in 80+
cryptocurrencies and fiat money (USD)

ICO service allows you to create a fast and targeted ICO
Platform with all the features required for the succesfully
launch of an ICO

Features of Platform

Decentralized User Friendly Token Launcher Platform geared for contributor engagement


The client dashboard maintains a track of your Token Sale activity, and thus enables you to measure the results of your marketing campaigns and refine them.


We integrate easy-to-manage, customised KYC mechanisms in the Token Sale Launch platform to enable you to meet the requisite KYC compliance requirements.


We do extensive external penetration testing of the Token Sale website, and audit the Smart Contracts code, and recommend best practices for stronger Token Sale security.

CRM Tools Integration

We create dashboards equipped with CRM tools for our clients which organize, track & manage all contributors’ information and gives the marketing & support team analytical reports of their engagement campaigns.

User Friendly

We keep our designs intuitive to ensure that visitors can easily navigate the Token Sale Launch Platform, register themselves and make contributions to the Token Sale.


From contributor dashboard to Token Sale website to Smart Contract, every component of our Token Sale platform is customised to provide maximum convenience to you and contributors.

Dashboard Features

Easy, Smart and User Friendly.


The dashboard has been designed to make participating in an ICO as easy and pleasant as possible for your backers. Starting with a convenient sign up via social networks, multilingual options and a guided token purchase process, our dashboard delivers an efficient and enjoyable experience to achieve high conversions.


To make investments even more accessible for everyone we have integrated credit card and wire transfer payment processing in various fiat currencies (USD and EUR), while also supporting a range of leading cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, etc).

Smart Dashboard

The client dashboard maintains a track of your Token Sale activity, and thus enables you to measure the results of your marketing campaigns and refine them.

Smart Contract

We support customized smart contracts for crowdsale based on ERC-20 or ERC-223 standards.

Smart Contract Audit

CoinFast audits smart contracts developed by 3rd parties to ensure outstanding quality and reliability

Multiple cryptocurrencies & Fiat money

BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, etc & USD, EURO support


Dashboard available in multiple languages (en,es, ch, it, fr, de, kr, jp, ru)
Any additional language can be translate.


The solution with a compliance role in CMS allows to the validate identity of your backers to avoid legal issues

User friendly

We use social networks and e-mails sign up & log in to increases conversion rates and provide better investment experience.


OTP or 2FA authentication

One-time password (OTP) or two-factor authentication (2FA) secures backers’ account

Admin panel

We provide Admin panel (CMS with ICO settings) where you can easily set, update, and manage manage all of your ICO configurations (decentralized wallets, users, purchases, etc)

Security and reliability

We provide reliable performance of the servers with DDoS protection. The uptime of our server is 99,9%


Triggered emails

Fully-customizable triggered emails for efficient communication with your backers.

Referral program

It allows to reward backers for bringing more participants to crowdfund your ICO with custom bonus schemas.

Custom purchased bonus

Assign personalised purchased bonus based on a user profile.


Hosting and Administration

Provide safe and reliable hosting and administrate dashboard allocation on elastic servers, to handle any traffic

Date Export

You can export all the e-mails, contact and purchase information based on applied filters.


Decentralized payment gateway

The user would have full control over his funds, and he is entirely responsible if something happens. Hackers would not be able to hack into the exchange and take user funds, so trading through a decentralized ICO Payment Gateway  would be more secure and safe.


No third parties control

All transactions are made by users on blockchain and are not controlled by us or third parties. It is totally safe standalone “your property solution”


5.00% for transaction from ICO's side
Accept payments in 80+ Cryptocurrencies
Generated addresses
Automatic Token distribution
Decentralized Payment Gateway
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2.5% for transaction from ICO's side
Accept payments in 80+ Cryptocurrencies
Generated addresses
Automatic Token distribution
Decentralized Payment Gateway
Support by our team
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1% for transaction from ICO's side
Accept payments in 80+ Cryptocurrencies and Fiat money
Generated addresses
Automatic Token distribution
Decentralized Payment Gateway
KYC/AML solution
Support by our team
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Problem & Solution


Even the simplest ICO Platform that accepts only
cryptocurrency will require minimum 4 weeks of your
developers’ time and hard effort.
It is obvious that the need of reusing the ICO platform will not occur again after ICO completed.
It is also known that ICO platforms cost between $50,000 and 100,000 for each ICO lanuch.






Our platform reduces this cost at a remarkable amount.
The prices of the services on the CoinFast platform are some of the lowest on the market.
We offer our customers the cheapest prices for market conditions to participate in the projects.
You can access this market with minimal investment,choosing a high quality service that is always up to date with the latest news in the ICO world.


Our white paper is an authoritative report that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem.


Our Token


CoinFast Token has been designed to distribute 50% of profits from the fees generated by the  transaction referred as the payout

Coinfast has been built in profits sharing mechanisms.If you purchase CoinFast Tokens, you will gain 50% of the profit.Every month, the profits will be distributed to CoinFast Token owners in proportion to their ownership of Tokens.The payout will be sent in Ethereum by default


Token Symbol : CFS
Total Token : 70,000,000
Private Sale Price : $ 0.05 USD
Pre Sale Price : $ 0.07 USD
Main Sale Price : $ 0.10 USD


Token Sale

The sale of CoinFast tokens will enable us to build a platform that is beneficial to everyone.

50% Profit Sharing
Buy CFS tokens and get 50% of the profits made by transaction from ICO’s side

Token Burn
Half of unsold tokens will be burned in a publicly verifiable way

Token Lock Down Period

Team, Advisor and Legal has a duration of lock up period


We want to share some amazing news with you! We are finally ready to present the MVP version of the CoinFast platform to our community! The MVP version of the platform is meant to show you the user interface, and give you a feel for the experience an investor will have on our platform




What is an ICO?

An ICO, or “Initial Coin Offering” allows investors to support new initiatives using cryptocurrency and principles of crowdfunding. During an ICO’s crowdsale, participants purchase project-specific cryptocurrency tokens (or “ICO coins”) as a form of investment in the company. An ICO represents the first stage of a project going public.

What’s so special about our ICO Launch solutions?

Maximum Security

As veterans of crypto-exchange software development, we understand the importance of security. Our software’s multi-layered security system provides our exchange partners the strongest protection at all times. That same system is implemented in our ICO crowdfunding infrastructure.

Trading and Liquidity

Most ICO crowdsales are only open for 3-8 weeks, but CoinFast’s services don’t stop here. Many ICO holders want a custom exchange so their coins can be traded after the official launch

Simplified Funding

Most ICOs require participants to download an entire blockchain and set up a local wallet. This can exclude investors who are less technically savvy, seriously restricting the market for support. CoinFast’s ICO system facilitates multi-currency funding from a wide variety of platforms

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